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Facebook app on facebook for developer

We have created a messenger bot for hackathon and used facebook for developers but its says it will take 5 days to go live. Apparently, we have submission today

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  • Manager   •   about 1 year ago

    Hi Tofeeq,

    You can use the testing accounts from the Messenger track if your bot isn't live yet:

    Make your bot available for select users. Since app review might take some time, for the purpose of this hackathon, you can put your app in dev mode and add a tester in your app settings. That way, judges will be able to test your bot even when your app is in development mode. Please add the following test user account IDs: 100019417087644 and 512253308.
    Please share the link to your Messenger Chatbot in one of the following formats: https://messenger.com/t/[Page_ID] or https://m.me/[Page_ID]


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