Artificial Intelligence Hackathon FAQs

Q: How do I create my team?

A: If you start the submission on behalf of the team, you'll be able to either add their email addresses to invite them or send them a special link that they can follow to add them. You can do that today and then continue updating your submission form until the deadline.

Q: Hi, can I create a solution for other platforms besides Messenger. Whatsapp for example?

A: Yes! You can build with for any platform, including Whatsapp or even standalone web pages.

Q: Can I create a project and submit it in both Facebook AI and Facebook Messaging Hackathons?

A: Yes you can, however, you can only win one prize for the same submission. We would award you whichever prize is higher.

Q: Where can I find my App ID and what is the format?

A: In the left sidebar of your console, navigate to Management-> Settings. The App ID is the first item on the settings page. It’s a string of numbers.

Q: If I put strict restrictions on my Facebook account, does this have any implications on the visibility of the apps developed with

A: Facebook privacy settings have no implications on your app.