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If build an Android app, how should I submit for this Hackathon?

If I am building an Android app for this Hackathon, how do I submit the project for this hackathon? Is it submit the whole project through github? Cause I not so willing to set my repo to public, is it another way round?


  • Manager   •   about 1 year ago

    Hey Choong,

    If it's published in the app store, you can share that link. If it's not published, you can submit the apk file for testing. The file can either be attached to your submission form or if too large you can share it with a Google Drive/Github/etc. link instead. Just make sure that for any of those last options that they're not private and inaccessible to us.


  •   •   about 1 year ago

    ok I see...thanks a lot..

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